Mix up the way you do your lashes!

1. Spider Lashes
Why do we love them? Well, they enhance and make even the smallest of eyes look like you're basically from an anime movie.  A makeup statement all on their own, spider lashes are really easy to do even if you're not a makeup guru.
2. Graphic Drawn-On Lashes
Why do we love them? These Rock ’n Roll doll lashes are a dream. You will need a steady hand and a little patience to complete these bold faux lashes, but good news, once you've mastered it you'll cruise the streets with mesmerising doll eyes.
3. Colourful Lashes
Why do we love them? They add a little fun to your everyday look. An easy way to update your fave everyday makeup, colourful lashes are easy to achieve and simple to execute.

4. Naked Lashes
Why do we love them? Well, even though there are a million beauty trends, mascara has been the one product that has never really gone out of style. It’s time to go bare: it makes sense as to why this trend has come about, considering the most covetable style of makeup is looking like you’re not wearing anything at all.
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