Pros and cons for keeping it healthy and hassle free.

Who needs water or a blow-dry? Good hair days can be made and not just stumbled upon. Dry Shampoo gives limp hair volume, texture and surprisingly actually cleans those dirty strands. Yes we are talking to you Raya Rossi, our Creative Director.
2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo by Marc Anthony, R175
Kardashian Beauty Hair Take 2 Dry Shampoo, R315
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original, R75,95
So what do you really need to know before spritzing your way to clean hair?
1. Life’s better in moderation, just like anything else overusing your dry shampoo means you’re probably neglecting other aspects of your hair. By the third spray it’s probably time to wash your locks.
2. Less is more, its not only how often - it’s also about how much? Don’t overdose your strands rather start with a small amount and brush it in, you can always add more!
3. Avoid those baby powder looking spots by lifting your top layer of hair and applying it to the lower layers, the top layer will then conceal any potential product residue.
4. Double action, dry shampoo is not only used to absorb excess oil but spray evenly (around 10cm) away from the roots to create textured volume. Hello flowing locks!
Let’s talk about some of the cons (we all know the pros, duh clean hair). If you suffer from dandruff or dry skin dry shampoos are not for you. It will only aggrevate your problems. Next, read the ingredients. Buy dry shampoos that have no aluminium or paragons these are harmful for your hair and body. There are also organic and natural options. Hell you can even DIY your own creation.
Post / Camilla-Rose
Images / Pinterest & AFF x Levi's