Five shades of matte, pressed powder blushes by Kylie Costmetics.

We all saw the major comeback blushed cheeks had on spring runways. Makeup artists used bold sweeps of pink on models' cheekbones, going up towards the temples. We would go so far as to say blush is going to be the ‘it’ product of the season. With that in mind (and surely it was) Kylie has just quietly dropped five amazing new matte, pressed powder blushers. They’re launching this Friday, so be sure to follow our 5 steps to securing your Kylie Cosmetic products below. 
1. Copy and paste your credit card number into a word document, so that when the time comes you can quickly CTRL C & V it. You will shave mins off your checkout time hell. Add your shipping address into autofill on Google Chrome, and you’ll really be on fire.
2.  Don’t be afraid of the refresh button: yes, we know this goes against everything you’ve ever been told, but trust us, it’s the right move.
3. Be cool: once you add that puppy to the your basket, head to the check out swiftly. No time to f*ck around, so make sure you know what you are ordering before the release time. Now, you may hit the checkout and be directed to a page that says something along the lines of "there's a technical difficulty." It will also tell you to wait a few minutes. Do not fall for this trap: product will be sold out by the time your wait is over.
4. Screenshot your order confirmation: nobody’s perfect, and this includes the people running Kylie Cosmetics℠. Slip ups happen. 
5. Cry because you you did it! 
Images / Instagram