Who, what, and how it's done. 

Beauty babes, lets be honest: eyebrows are probably the most important facial feature. Your face is just not done without them. Some of us weren’t born with the brows we deserve, and thus spend hours imaging the perfectly arched and feathered caterpillars of our dreams. We’ve come a long way with options to improve and update your natural brows, including brow gel, millions of different forms of pencils and even tattooing (which is a little terrifying for us commitment-phobes).  So what are the in-between options for us who are too lazy for the 25min daily battle for perfection, but too scared to make a permanent commitment?  Simple: Micro blading. 
Unlike the koki effects of permanent makeup, micoblading has more of an embroidery look that mimics real hairs. According to experts, the treatment is perfect for people who want to reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in those dreaded over-plucked brows. So, how does it differ from tattooing? Well, a special microblading pen is used to draw individual strokes one by one. The process is very meticulous and takes around two hours to complete. The results will last for up to three years before they begin to fade away.

Is it painful? Some clients have been described as having slight discomfort, but the process is meant to be relatively painless since topical numbing cream and liquid anaesthetic are used to get you through it. The healing process takes 25 to 30 days, but the good news is your brows will be selfie ready pretty much immediately. Unlike eyebrow extensions which have to be very carefully maintained, microblading is super low maintenance. After you’re all healed up you can rub them, enjoy swimming, and there is no special care required except for maybe a brief touch up once a year.

The cost can be around R2500, but hey, waking up with perfect brows every morning is totally worth it! Time to start saving.

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