We'll be honest, this is a little weird...

Just when we thought that Instagram had given all it could give in then beauty world, SURPRISE, girls are now using condoms with their beauty blenders.

WHY?!? One may ask. Well, this SiliSponge (sold out for months now) hack seems to be taking over feeds everywhere: it all started with Beauty Vlogger Laila Tahri was one of the lucky few to get her hands on a SiliSponge. After testing it, Lalia realised she missed the softness and flexibility of a regular makeup sponge, but still wanted the smoothing effect from the silicone… and so the SiliSponge hack is born.

"I came up with this idea because I love using a sponge, but it absorbs so much product! With using the condom around it, HAHA, it doesn’t absorb any product, and it applies super smooth.”

We can definitely give Laila props for creativity. We’re still a little unsure and are drawing straws at the office to see who’s going to test this hack. We’ll keep you updated…

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