Duran Levinson is a cinematographer and filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. His adoration for Asia culture has led him to purse film photography, with Backchat Boys being his local project. The concept is a 35mm photographic collective currently consisting of three South Africans exploring the surface and depths of Hong Kong street culture.

Backchat Boys – Volume 1 - All image no spinach. The first edition of this ongoing project is a poor attempt (his words not ours) at capturing human nature, love and depravity. The contributors are Duran Levinson, Gideon de Kock and Dustin Holmes.
Existentialism is everything. Truth is subjective. Art is hard.

The book itself is self-published and printed in Hong Kong - 70 full colour pages, offset print on wood free paper, perfect bound, hand numbered and personalised. Only 300 copies will be available (online and for purchase), with 100 being sold in Hong Kong, 100 in South Africa, and 100 between Shanghai and Seoul.
Kind of a go getter, making it all for himself and we really appreciate that. Follow Duran Levinson here.