Graphic designer and Art Director Sabrina Scott has been on our radar since she wowed us with her editorial layouts and amazing content during her AFF internship 2 years ago. Since then she has joined the Superbalist team, conceptualising shoots and working on graphic design at the online retailer.  Recently she has honed her skill set and developed a range of graphic art pieces in her downtime. “In college there’s so much freedom to do whatever and when you start working things are different, it’s not often you get to execute on your own aesthetic and break the rules. In my spare time I started messing around on Photoshop, creating things that were bound by no brief. They either meant something or they didn’t, the only specification being to make something I liked.”
She had this to say about her first collective range “Some of the pieces are directly inspired by what I was feeling at the time, whether it be scared from a bad dream or sad from something that happened with a friend. My medium is predominantly digital, although sometimes I feel like getting away from the computer and doing some bad drawings or maybe scribbling some type and scanning it in. ”

Speaking to people wanting to get into this kind of work Scott says “If I wanted to communicate any sort of message it would be to young creatives, and it would be to never stop making the things you like, your future is yours to create. I’ve always been interested in the space where graphic design and fashion meet, and recently I’ve been experimenting with adapting some of the pieces to be printed on garments. Watch this space!”

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Works: Sad Sometimes, Distraction, Bad Dream & Feel