Fashion Week
In the spirit of fashion’s move away from trends and towards celebrating a sense of individuality and idiosyncrasy, we decided to scrap the idea of a traditional “Lexus SAMW AW17 Trend Report.” Instead, we asked the designers themselves: who is the man you designed for this season? What does he do, and more importantly, what does he eat for breakfast? It’s time to meet your favorite designers’ AW17 men. The beauty of it is that you can be one of them or all of them: it’s as simple as getting dressed. 
Oh, and when you’re done reading, have a look at our SAMW AW17 collections editorial.
If ‘Tumblr Curator’ was an actual job, it would be his. In his spare time, you’ll find him tennis court or engaging in the latest gossip. He styles himself to look like an anime character, and loves a good Dolly Parton remix. He had black coffee and water at 08:30, followed by fruit salad and a side of scrambled eggs at 11:00. 
He’ll often be found watching tennis (possibly supporting the Nao Serati man, though AFF cannot confirm). He works in IT and belongs to a mysterious underground club. He’s confident in a crowd, but also likes to keep to himself, listening to soft electro, psy-trance and a bit of alternative R&B. Breakfast was half a grapefruit with slice of toasted whole grain bread, and an orange juice.
This guy is in the creative industry and is not afraid to take a style risk. He values originality, craftsmanship, tailoring and warmth, and listens to New Order, The Knife, HotChip, and Christian Tiger School. After his breakfast Eggs Benedict and berry smoothie, he’ll take his pug for a walk in the park, looking chic. 
Here’s a film and media student who’s into 90s vintage and doesn’t pay attention to trends, seeing the value in being true to himself. He enjoys skating, listening to Justin Bieber (low key), and didn’t have breakfast. Maybe just coffee. 
Whatever this man does, it involves travel and a sense of freedom. He loves listening to artists with substance: Sia, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean. He went to a party, kissed a stranger, and moved on with his life (see makeup above). He’s got a carefree attitude, and likes to try different things. For this reason, he doesn’t really remember what his breakfast was called - only that he’d never had it before and that it was enough to get him going. 
Here we have the owner of a curiosity-come-barber shop - the kind that has macabre oddities such as bat skeleton paperweights and shrinking heads: anything that's at least a few decades dead. His hair is always on point. He cares for stray dogs, and listens to anything from The Get Up Kids to Bjork. Breakfast was liquid: Coffee. Black. 
He designs crazy amusement parks, and loves exploring caves filled with beautiful treasures such as minerals and precious stones. He listens to Felix Leband, and wears clothing with character. Breakfast takes work: Kefir milk, blended with overnight sprouted chia seeds and a half frozen banana - good for the tummy. 
(As this collection was a mashup of two former ones, Lyons described the man that encapsulates not just AW17, but her brand as a whole.)
A creatively-driven being, he or she follows their passion in life, celebrating African fashion and engaging in the local design movement. They would normally be found lounging in a plant-filled space, listening to some uncelebrated musicians, or reading a Deepak Chopra hardback. Their playlists include Bonobo and Alt-J. Breakfast consists of organic produce. 
He could be an architect, designer, barista, chef, or musician who enjoys drinks at city hotspots, hiking, and music festivals. His playlist includes The Brother Moves On, BCUC, PHFat, and Aewon Wolf. He puts thought into the way he dresses and takes pride in the subtle details of his clothes. Breakfast is some kind of eggs: Benedict, Royale or Florentine!
The collection was not designed with a particular person in mind. You can't identify him by his job, by his accent, or the language he speaks. You can be sure he’s passionate about art, and values authenticity, chilling with other like-minded individuals, building those relationships, and being part of something bigger than himself. That all starts with breakfast.  
He works at an ad agency. He paints in his spare time, DJs, and practices Latin and contemporary dancing to keep fit. He loves Afro-beats and Afro-Pop, but is a sucker for old school RnB and Hip Hop. He’s not a breakfast person. Coffee will do. 
He’s a bit of an alfa male - a lawyer, doctor, or accountant, who also has time to work in fashion on the side. He listens to anything with a good beat, spending free time at the gym or out for drinks with friends. He’s the leader of the pack, starting his morning with a run before sitting down to a breakfast of brown-flakes cereal, a banana, and some fat-free organic yogurt.   
When he’s working, he’s making film. In his free time, he’s carelessly unraveling social constructs, and listening to The Doors, Kendrick Lamar, and  Bowie. Breakfast is fish fingers and chocolate milk. 
He’s an illustrator and the lead singer of The Warhol Flowers. This is a man who loves art exhibitions, classical Karl Jenkins, and Lady Gaga’s Joanne. His form of dress may seem rebellious, but only when viewed through the lens of conservative social constructs. He eats meat for breakfast. He’s a ‘real man’ when it comes to matters of the stomach. “A classic Gin & Tonic before 10AM never hurt anyone,” he thinks while snacking on last night’s pizza. The practicality of having a hearty and self-satisfying meal to start his day trumps the need to appear to the outside world as a polished being of society. “Should have doubled the patty on that burger“ he thinks while putting on his coated pleather calf-length leggings in front of the mirror.
Images / SDR