Fashion Week

The MBFWCT collection everyone is talking about. 

It was the first night of fashion week, and before we’d all be evacuated from the tents mid-Stefania Morland due to the (typical) Cape Town wind, there was one conversation that took place among many. Something along the lines of: “What’s been your highlight so far?" “Droomer.” 
The positivity towards the collection was palpable, and not the least bit surprising. Here are pieces you want to love and wear right now. The coats, jumpsuits, trousers, dressers, and scene-stealing puffers all made perfect sense. (So much so that you were tempted to formulate a plan to switch outfits with the models, stat!)
The true triumph here, though, was a sense of diversity. The collection was perfectly coherent in terms of its slick, slightly sporty style, but could be imagined on women between the ages of 16 and 60. There was something for the girl on the town, the executive, the athlete, the influencer, and most likely and importantly, you. It’s truly rare to see a collection where a more low-key look like the all-black coat over wide trousers and high neck top felt as important as the more statement-making silver puffer jacket ensamble. Needless to say, it’s good to have Cleo Droomer back. 
The Look: Strength in monotone. 
The Key Piece: The belted coat. 
Accessories Game: Metallic booties from Topshop, and sporty caps. 
We’ll fight for: Our favorite puffer. (Pink, please!)
Where to Wear: Wherever you choose. But do arrive late: everyone needs to be gathered to give you a once over. 
Post/ Daniël Geldenhuys
Images / AFI