Fashion Week

The reason we’re now officially ready for flared denim.  

The Mille Collines girl is reliably fresh, crisp, and regal. This season she’s making more of a statement with light-as-air fabric billowing from under a wide-brim straw hat, wrapping a sarong around her waist, and sporting a light denim trouser with a ample flare. Don’t think that this detracts from the brand’s unmistakable sense of wearability. There is not a single element on this runway that cannot effortlessly be incorporated into a range of modern womens’ wardrobes. This is the goal of designers Inés Cuatrecasas and Marc Oliver - to be inspired by Africa and appeal to the world. There was an overall sense of fluidity to the collection in a literal sense: fabrics were cut to breathe around the body, with some looking light enough to blow in the breeze even if there is none. Perhaps this fluidity is a symbol for the African (and, if you wish to zoom out further, the global) diaspora. Either way, it looks great. 
The Look: Go with the flow.
The Key Piece: The maxi dress - shirt or off-the-shoulder.
Accessories Game: Wide-brim straw hats, leather bags and and beaded nacklaces.
We’ll fight for: The flare trousers. 
Where to Wear: On weekend wine tasting adventures. 
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Images / AFI