Fashion Week

Yet again, Rich Mnisi gives us life with a brand new spring collection.

Reviewing a Rich Mnisi show is easy. There’s always something to say about how effortlessly he enchants an audience of buyers and instills them with desire. It’s fun to gush about the balance he strikes between the masculine and feminine, and how important this is in fashion’s grand narrative. We won’t go into all that - suffice to say Rich has not lost his touch. 

Just over a month after showing his collaboration with Thebe Magugu at SAMW, Mnisi has collabed with Maps Maponyane to create Neck: a collection inspired by the grace and strength of giraffes. Grace and strength are a winning combination on a man, no? Yes, there were giraffe prints: look quickly and you might miss them (they weren’t too in-your-face, which worked wonderfully). Of course the collection drew attention to the neck: polo necks, neck scarves, and plunging necklines all made appearances. Also, a pair of high-waisted Rich Mnisi trousers are bound to make your legs look at least a third longer than they actually are. 
Yes, it’s easy to review a Rich Mnisi collection. It’s also very rewarding: here’s a designer who doesn’t just explore a theme at face value. Influences and subject matter is deeply integrated into the house codes in a way that clearly reflects a style intelligence that cannot go unacknowledged. 
The Look: Grace and elegance for a modern man.
The Key Piece: The neck scarf. 
Accessories Game: Berets by Crystal Birch, Supergas, and white leather waist bags.
We're Dreaming About: The v neck shirt ties around the wrists.
Where to Wear: Wherever you’re chilling with your stylish friends this spring. 
Images / SDR for AFI