Fashion Week

The texture party we were never ready for.

You might think you’re well acquainted with luxurious texture and immaculately finished clothes… enter Tokyo James and you’ll need to re-evaluate just how well. The thing about a Tokyo James showcase is that you know you’ll be in awe: from the moment you take a seat, it’s just a matter of not being sure which direction your wig is about to be snatched from – at the given time.
This collection is a perfect balance of extravagance and simplicity. Tokyo James took classic clean cuts, plain white shirts - known staples and added regal sensibilities that turn them into stand-out pieces.
The Look: The Fixer in Fashion
The Key Piece: Tokyo’s Twins - you’ll realise that this is an actual thing. Beyoncé may have just invented being pregnant with twins, but Tokyo has been doing the thing of making them high fashion and sending them down the catwalk, for seasons. And we live for it!
Accessories Game: The crocodile skin bags – we just diiiiiie.
We’ll Fight For: The black leather pants – so fucking luxurious! And maybe the textured emerald suit.
Where To Wear: Wherever you need people to know you’re the boss of this (Whatever “this” is).
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Complete Collection Images / SDR Photo