When I first saw these sneakers on a very pregnant Beyonce in her “love on top” video I have been pretty much in love with the trendy Isabel Marrant wedge sneakers. I was on a shoot the other day and the photographers’ assistant had a black pair, she is a tall Norwegian ex model and looked incredible in her IM sneakers. I screamed “OMG Isabel Marant right?” after recovering from my hot flush of excitement as I basked in their beauty. These sneakers are a short girls dream since the wedge is so sneaky and according to my Norwegian friend the sneakers are insanely comfortable. They must be since we walked a few km’s during our shoot and she seemed perfectly content.


Unfortunately there is no way I can get my hands on a pair in SA so we’ll have to deal with the replica versions for now. Zoom’s online store is still stocking their black version of this soon to be iconic shoe.







Posted by Aisha Baker at BakedTheBlog.com