Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world can have its drawbacks. South Africans have to contend with overpriced retail and being one season behind northern hemisphere fashion trends. But with the emerging world wide web influence on our local fashionista’s we’ve seen a shift! Slowly the days of waiting for retailers to tell us what’s “in” are disappearing and we’re finding out for ourselves.

Recently A Fashions Friends Raya Rossi wrote about the Baroque/Brocade trend we’ll be seeing in winter 2013 but how can we incorporate this trend into our soon-to-be summer? For starters Baroque encompasses not only thick and bulky cloaks and gowns but also interesting screen prints. Brands like Mr Price have brought out an array of Versace 90’s inspired baroque printed tops, scarves and tights. You could also check out The Lot stocking Motel dresses with screen prints similar to the brocade fabric.

Pair these gorgeous prints with pastels and neons and you’ve got a quick trendy summer look. If you’re feeling particularly brave try print mixing! Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a few months for all the gorgeous Brocade items to hit our stores but that doesn’t mean we cant play with Baroque.


Images sourced from; Vogue, Style, & Mr Price


Posted by Aisha Baker at BakedTheBlog.com