If you're familiar with my blog you'll also be familiar with the occasional rant that 'there's nothing for men', and 'where do we shop?'. These days it's such a non-issue that it's more a matter of where can't we shop? Fashion, locally, has finally reached a place where everyone has the opportunity to dress well or at the very least dress very badly in very nice clothing. I have talked about which international brands are best for blazers and shirts and spoken at length about how to get the dandy look. But now, as I reach a place of enjoying relaxed, not such hyper-fashion fashion I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite new young brands that are making waves in street-wear. 






Who? My favorite label at the moment, that's who. NEUW was founded by three friends with the same motivation: to create a considered, independent denim brand. Richard Bell and Par Lundqvist and Steven Little, I love you guys.


Why? The makers of the worlds best chino's, these chaps make comfortable clothing with subtle details rarely seen in design. 


Where? Prime store in Jhb. Astore in Cape Town or online at Thirtysixman.com





Who? Zak Venter and Jono Trickers.


Why? The Sergeant Pepper man is beardy and I was beardy for the longest time and beardy men are awesome and so is Sergeant Pepper. Apart from that, their aesthetic is spot on and their clothing is well-made. For a fairly new brand they have really cemented themselves into the local industry and are likely contenders on international levels. 


Where? Everywhere it seems. Available at Stuttafords SA, www.Stylemology.com, Prime store Rosebank, Jhb.





Who? Inspired by local stylish boys in SA struggling to find decent clothing, Augustine was the brainchild of Justine Coetzer. 


Why? Hip, wearable and well-made. Nothing to dispute here, Augustine understands their market and delivers well-priced clothing with a regular turn-over of new stock.


Where? No. 87 6th street, Parkhurst, Jhb. Or visit the website for more details.






Who? Design duo William Ndatila and Miro Bijelich who saw there was a general lack of local street-wear in South Africa, but certainly lacking in edgy t-shirt design. 


Why? They filled the gap, that's why! Their clothing is of high quality while maintaining a fair price range. The style is alternative and edgy but original too, and that's the most important factor to consider.


Where? Fullkream in Illovo, the Showroom in Birdhaven and the Street in Greenside (All Jhb) Visit their Facebook page here