This seasons trend that I'm loving is the flag print trend. I touched on it on my post on how to customize you denim shorts (denim shorts with a twist: customize your denims) and will finish off this week with a few tips on how to create your own flag trend. The american flag is the most popular flag when trying out this trend, but I'm obsessed with the british flag. the red and blue of both these flags are spectacular colors for any skin tone, and these flags are great if you want to create an edgy look.
this is how i created my american flag tee:
I bought red and white striped material, solid blue material and white material.
I then arranged the striped material and blue material on my tee to create a some what accurate american flag
I then cut out stars from the white material .
glued everything in place with fabric glue that i bought at a fabric store. 
please do note that you do not have to create an accurate american flag, you can mix it up and try be creative, as long as it communicates "american flag" at the end of the day.
also another way you can try your american flag is to paint it. just buy fabric paint, or the appropriate paint that has longevity.
with my british flag tee, i went the painting route, which i must add was very fun, and somewhat therapeutic for me :)
below i will show you my trends, how i wore them, and more pics i found for you guys.and steps on how to DIY your own flag