The turban craze started last year,crept into 2012, and no one is complaining. Its one of my favorite trends and i think its an option that should always be available. Ladies, all the scarves that are in your closet that you don't wear anymore because it's summer should be brought out to play! There are so many ways of brightening up your look with just a simple scarf. I will show you ways you can wear them which I hope will be helpful. 
Another thing you should consider is the print on the scarf, don't be afraid to use print, its ok, just make sure that your outfit is not to distracting, and if you are attempting to clash your prints do it tastefully. usually a turban is the center piece or the focal point of your outfit depending on how dramatic the print is, so when dressing, keep it simple. if you are a bit bolder and want to clash prints try it, maybe stick with prints from the same family when starting out e.g   a tribal turban, with a tribal shirt. 
Turbans are also excellent for bad hair days, or gloomy rainy days that will cause your hair to frizz. the turban has replaced the hat I would say. so if you haven't tried this trend yet, please do! I'm going to show you the ways I wear my scarves as turbans or head wraps, then i will show you ways of tying your own (just in case you have no clue)