Rosy cheeks: I’ve always been a fan – and this looks really good with bronzed, radiant skin. I tend to keep the rest of my make-up nude and then go for a brighter colour on the cheeks. This looks especially amazing for a night out as you can be even bolder. My all time favourite is the NARS Angelika blush which has been described as “cotton-candy, baby-doll pink with silver specks of glitter” – trust me, it is amazing!




Bright liner: Again, this is something I have been doing for a while and always get complimented on (when I remember to put it on, that is) – it is such a simple thing, yet makes any eyes stand out. My best is my royal blue pencil – the thicker and softer the pencil, the better. I have also been using my deep purple liner as well as my moss green one. Both look lovely and can be used on the lash-line of the eye with your regular black coal liner inside the eye if you want to go all out.




Statement lips: While keeping the skin radiant and flawless, cheeks bronzed and eyes simple, bold lips is something everyone can explore – again it’s about finding what colour suits you best. This season I would recommend steering clear of high gloss lipsticks, but rather going for a matte colour (yet always being sure the lips are well nourished). I am loving coral lips of late, and this is definitely the new ‘it’ lip colour for this season!