I have been keeping a close eye on the Fashion Week’s gone by, and the one thing that struck me throughout the various shows, is the amazing hair and make-up. Similar to the new trends – the make-up was all kept very natural and nude with splashes of bold colour.
The best thing about this make-up trend is that it is so wearable and do-able, and really can suite all skin tones; it’s simply about finding what features you want to accentuate, whether it be your high cheek bones, luscious lips or sparkly eyes, and going all out!


How to wear bright eye-shadows: This looks best when the rest of the make-up is kept super natural, yet bronzed. Think nude lips, bronzed cheeks, radiant skin and bold, statement eyes. I love this look, but you definitely need to know what shadows suite your skin tone to pull it off.
For darker eyes and skin tones, warmer colours are best and the lighter your complexion and eye-colour, the softer the colours should be. Generally the guidelines are:
Green eyes: Purples, pinks, and reds
Blue eyes: Oranges, coppers, golds
Hazel eyes: Warm tones, bronzes, greens
Brown eyes: Browns, bronzes, greens
Gray eyes: Grays, cool tones, brown
But, no need to stick to these ‘rules’ too strictly when it comes to this trend – it’s all about having fun with colour!
I am also keen to try out the whole false lashes idea – Shu Uemura is by far my favourite brand when it comes to this, and I have slowly made a small collection of his lashes when abroad. They really are quite something! Adding to this, I think the false lashes would make your bright eyes even more of a statement!



Bright nails: This is the part where there are no boundaries what-so-ever, and with the options we have at our finger tips (excuse the pun) – we have no excuse not to go wild! I am possibly the biggest Essie and Incoco fan out there – their colours get me so excited and the quality is amazing. I have been alternating between various Incoco designs and Essie’s latest colours. My nails are definitely something that I get the most comments on as they are constantly done in a different design or quirky colour J it’s a simple way of topping off an outfit and makes you feel great at the same time.