I have been contemplating cutting my hair for awhile which sent me on a hunt for some of my favourite hairstyles. It led me to come across these; officially my favourite summer hair styles which I will definitely be trying. They are all simple and require very few styling tools or expensive products which is always a winning situation!


Halo braid: For those hot summer days. For the evenings, keep the braid and wave the back of your hair out for volume


Hollywood waves: A classic trend which I do by pinning my wet hair into little balls on my head. Drying it and then allowing to cool. Apply the hairspray, and touch up with a curling wand


The bob: Add volume to your chic bob with curls, brushed out and placing an optional hair accessory 


Full fringe: An all-season trend. Remember to take extra care of your skin as the oils from your hair are constantly on your forehead.


Plaited buns: As seen in the Marc Jacobs show, plaited buns require little skill. Wrap your school girl plaits into buns, secure with bobbing pins and spray with hairspray for extra hold.


Low swung ponytail: Perfect for statement looks. Use a thin comb and plenty hair spray to keep your hair fixed and avoid annoying "fly-aways".


Multi strands: I thought this was rather creative. Made by separating the hair and tying with elastic bands to form a fish net shape.

Post by Zahrah Perry @ theperrybook.com