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Mainstream shopping sites are fantastic, except when everyone you know is also wearing the shoes you just bought. Time to expand your shopping horizons, Fashion Friends! If you’ve missed KAMERS this weekend, not to worry, we got you covered! Below, 5 online stores from SA designers who will inject a little interest into your wardrobe and you home decor!

A BIRD NAMED FRANK:   Web   |   Instagram   |   Facebook

A jewellery range that has a minimalist aesthetic with geometric focus, it's refreshingly simple brand with a determined focus on creating wearable pieces. Subtlety, muted tones, fine detail and quality in craftsmanship are the characteristics that define these pieces.


MIA MÉLANGE:   Web   |   Instagram

100% handmade in South Africa, this home decor & accessories label is weaving the baskets of our dreams! Their designs are inspired by a love of nature, texture, natural materials and ancient crafting techniques, and their latest handbag collaboration will Ilundi just shot up to number one on the do-buy list come payday!


TAMPLE OF REASON:   Web   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Inspired to bring artists and ready-to-wear together, the brand collaborates with African based artists to transform their artwork into textile prints and the ultimate men's swimwear.


DAY FEELS:   Web   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

The brand is inspired by a deep appreciation for the landscape, the ocean, and the properties of water: the hues, ripples, reflections and the immense power and the calm.


GABRIELLE SWIMWEAR:   Web   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Facebook

Calling all beach babes! A proudly South African design range of hand made swimsuits, just add SPF.


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