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We are actively seeking out new local brands and, of course, we always turn to Instagram. And while we're sometimes hesitant to share these rad under-the-radar brands with anyone but our bank accounts, it's impossible to deny that we want everyone's ears and necks to be as next-level decked-out as possible. Now, if taking stylistic leaps is right up your alley, Lorne is the brand for you. Sticking to her spot-on intuition of bold but balanced shapes, each piece is handmade in Gillian's Cape Town-based studio. Get a peek at Gillian's world, along with some snaps of the latest Lorne designs we lust for.

AFF: We’re obsessed with your label! Tell us about how it launched?
Thank you! In truth I'm not actually 100% sure when and how the launch happened. It all basically started with big ambitious talk, phases of self doubt, lots of over thinking, some product development and then my first instagram picture under my label, mid last year. After that I just kept producing and my label evolved organically . But then also Emerging Creatives could count as a launch in a way. The exposure generated though Emerging Creatives is career changing.  I highly recommend start ups to apply.

AFF: What’s your design philosophy?
Leave time for play. As in experimenting with different mediums, assembling things blindly without a finished idea in mind kind of play.

AFF: What's your workspace like?
Man, my work environment is real life fiction. 105 Hope Street Studios. I share a massive studio with the most incredible woman and designers. #105hopestreetstudios
My specific studio space though is mayhem , an embraced mayhem, a kind of sweet mayhem/just the way I like it.

AFF: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?
Haha, this is great. I think general vibe would be Tom Tom Club - Kissin' Antonio

AFF: What’s your best-selling piece of jewellery?
Best seller would be the half face ear cuff & earring that have been around the longest.

AFF: Where can we purchase your pieces?
Fabricate, Mungo&Jemima, Creative Revolt, Amiti Shop and Purr and of course through me if you're not CT local

AFF: What is your price range?
Standard price range R350 - R700

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Post  /  Olga Kotova
Photographer  /  Babette Kahlo