The perfect Saint Laurent boots, for starters. 

We’ve already had the chat about chain stores copying luxury brands. Let’s just move past it and try to envision our future closets stuffed full of *insert your favorite luxury brand name* -inspired items. We’ve rounded up the top five items we’re hoping mass retailers will take into account with their winter collections. So, buyers, if you’re reading this, please help us live our best lives.
1. Saint Laurent’s droopy boots. 
The footwear stars of Anthony Vaccarello's second collection for the house, these pointy-toe knee-highs look great over jeans or with a conceptually-cut skirt. The leather ones strike an appropriate balance between casual and formal, while the sparkly version is unapologetically party-ready.  
2. The puffer coat. 
A street style star, the puffer coat is both on-trend and uber comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to go to work feeling like they’re still in bed? It’s important to be specific in our request here: in a sea of puffers jackets, we are looking for that perfect coat - at least knee-length, and padded with poofy flair, thanks. This is one of those cases where bigger is so much better. 
3. The furry Prada bag.
Is there anyone left at the AFF office who hasn’t attached a furry trinket of some sort to their bag? Ummmmmmm, no. Miuccia Prada took it to the next level by incorporating the fluff into her bags' DNA. While this looks stunning in the more-is-more runway styling, we’re willing to bet it’ll look just as great with a zip-up black polo neck and pleated skirt. 
4. The new-age corset. 
A major street style trend at Milan Fashion Week, the new-age corset (it’s basically a glorified XXL belt - we have Miuccia Prada to thank, once again) is the easiest way to refresh a dress and add a contemporary element to your outfit. Chances are a knockoff version won’t be too expensive either so, um, we’re ready and waiting. 
5. The Balenciaga weekender.
Inspired by those cheap checkered plastic bags (you know what we mean here, right?) Demna Gvasalia has created a chic statement that is sure to fit in more than a duffel and still look effortless in that ‘I’m packing light’ kind of way. While we wait for something like this to drop in a store somewhere not too far away, we’ll start planning our weekend getaways. *Opens IG on phone and Airbnb on laptop*. 
Images / VOGUE / Pinterest