Adam Gallagher may just have the best menswear IG out there.

Blogger/Influencer/Model/Whatever You Want to Call Him, Adam Gallagher has a brilliant instagram. (And a website that documents his travels and offers tips to others looking to follow.) A scroll through his feed is a similar experience to reading one of those spellbinding coffeetable books. Very enviable and seemingly unattainable… well, not really. Here are five ways you can emulate his instagram. Try them - your follower count may just move a little closer to @iamgalla’s 2 million. 
1 Intersperse Your OOTDs with Landscapes 
OOTDs are an important component of a blogger’s IG. The trick is to intersperse them with beautiful landscape shots - these will provide a sense of context and give your feed a feeling of grandeur. Also, we live in the right country for this type of photography: South Africa is anything but starved of grand landscapes. 
2 Brown is the New Black
Give your overall feed a sense of unity with the presence of a similar colour scheme in all your posts. In Galla’s case, it’s shades of brown. Whether it’s a washout brown dune, or a golden brown sunset, the colour crops up in his feed again and again. And again. 
3 Mix it Up - the Spirit of Travel
Mix up the locations you post. From beach to city to fields, the wider your range, the more worldly your IG becomes. Extra points when you can work in a mode of travel: planes, trains, cars, boats, or a safari-chic hot air balloon. 
4 Breakfast is the Most Important Meal
Breakfast flatlays are the best way to start the day, no? Galla’s are always rich in color and texture. 
5 Suit Up and Down
Galla makes a suit look great, going between traditional, formal, and deconstructed. The look is clean, polished, premium, and most importantly, distinctive.