ArteM’s AW17 collection is the ultimate workwear. 

Woodstock-based designer Adele Stein’s label ArteM is all about high quality limited edition pieces, usually with a good amount of pockets, menswear-inspired detailing, and always unique in a refreshing way. Her latest collection has just dropped at Virgule in Hyde Park Corner, and will be making its way to Cape Town shortly. The shirts, jackets, coats, and trousers are suited for almost any occasion, but we picture ourselves running a company wearing any and all of these looks. The thing is, Stein picks up her fabrics on her travels, and only makes a limited amount of pieces. Once they’re done, they’re done. So pick your favorite from the lookbook by Kass Bruni, and get to Virgule, stat!  
AFF: What was the overall inspiration for this collection? 
Adele: ”Out of the Blue" is the inspiration for ArteM's AW17 season. It was a 12 meter piece of large check fine polished cotton in midnight blue and black that inspired my designs for this collection.
AFF: Your fabrics are always sourced personally from a wonderful location. What’s the story behind the textiles in this range? 
Adele: I always start with an open mind when I source my fabrics, a blank canvas. Usually I'm drawn to the textures and quality of the materials, color and weave. Shapes will form in my mind that will determine the story for the collection. In this case the color is blue: in fine wool suitings, and linen and cotton shirtings in checks stripes and plain. I've combined and mixed various textures with weaves in my garments.
AFF: We love the black chest piece styled over the white shirt. How was it made, how many have you made, and how did you come up with it?
Adele: It's a very special handmade chest piece and a one off. The waxed cotton cord gives it a leather look with copper beading on the neckline. I came across it on my travels early this year and instantly knew this belonged in the collection worn over shirts, dresses, jackets, or any garment with a bit of imagination.
AFF: Tell us about the Picasso-esque face and the text that make an appearance on some pieces. 
Adele: The elongated face print was a collaboration with a graphic designer. Over the years I've collected pics of a wide spectrum of images that inspired me. It's from my scrap book that I got the idea of the Picasso-esque face, as you call it, including the text: it reminds me of my travels, going away but always coming back home.