We were never ready to literally get blown away.

The Cape Town instalment of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week came to an abrupt halt this past weekend because of windy weather conditions that threatened to dismantle the marquee structure built on the Camps Bay sports ground where the shows would be held. On the first night we got evacuated before the last couple of shows, and did not even last past the first showcase on the second day before the structure started to shake.
African Fashion International could not realistically have been expected to 'choreograph the weather', but one would think that they would have come prepared to brave the force affectionately known as "The Cape Doctor"... right? If not because it may have been a partial cause to shipwrecks dating back to the 20th century, it also recently blew the Argus cyclists away.
Everyone knew, but you, AFI *eyes emoji*
They may have they their own shortfalls when it comes to media hospitality, but I bet:
On the bright side, we are getting a rematch on 6-8 April at Salt River Studios. Hopefully it is a cool collaboration with Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, seeing as that is scheduled for the 7th and 8th of April, and we wanted to check that out too. They are both sponsored by Mercedes Benz, so it's not too much to ask.
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