We cyber vibed with dynamic Namibian creative Gina Mwoombola, better known on the interwebs as GinaJeanz. Illustrator, Fashion Model, Musician and Stylista, we had to find out if there is a form of creative expression she can’t pull off with finesse. We’d give you the old maxim: “Not just a gorgeous face…”, but that would suggest we’re surprised by her slay, so we’ll roll with #BlackGirlMagic and let that be that.
AFF: You graduated cum laude at CPUT, what did you study?
Gina Mwoombola: My first degree was a Bachelors in Graphic Design. 
AFF: Quite the slasher: illustrator/ model/ you dabble in photography as well as produce music, what fuels your creativity?
GM: Travelling fuels my creativity, different surroundings inspire me to try different styles in my creative work. 
AFF: How do you enjoy spending your time? 
GM: I love camping and going on mini road trips with friends, sometimes I just love relaxing at home with my DIY face masks reading a good book.
AFF: What’s your favourite track off Kaytranada’s 99%? 
GM: Lite Spots is the ultimate jam!
AFF: Poppies or roses?
GM: Roses.
AFF: How do you pick the subjects you illustrate? 
GM: I keep a sketch pad in my hand bag and draw inspiration from what I see from my day to day activities. Sometimes it's someones OOTD or a colour palette in a coffee shop,   whatever inspires me in that moment. 
AFF: What is your favourite illustration style? 
GM: My favourite illustration style is loose, inspired by watercolour paintings and sketches. 
AFF: Having your work used to promote a movie at Cannes Film Festival, as with Terry Pheto’s Ayanda, must have been a very proud moment. other highlights have you had? 
GM: Releasing my first EP 'Initium' was one of the biggest highlights for me in terms music production. 
AFF: Can you still play the violin?
GM: I can but it has been a long time. 
AFF: What thing or event do you think would bring you the most happiness, in life?
GM: Collaborating with Frank Ocean on a song. 
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