You’ll never guess how fast the team shot this story. 

Cape Town brand Good Good Good recently commissioned photographer Carl David Jones to shoot a super viby lookbook (on 35mm film) of their 'Broken Hearts Club' T-Shirt capsule collection. We caught up with the brand’s director, Daniel Sher, to fill us in on the story behind the visuals. 
AFF: Tell us how the collaboration for this capsule collection came about.
Daniel: We wanted to release a capsule of love-inspired T-Shirts for Valentine’s Day. Since our SA Menswear Week show fell on the 3rd of February, it seemed a perfect idea to use the runway as the platform in which to reveal a teaser of the capsule. 
Since basics are at the core of our brand philosophy, we decided that the ‘Broken Hearts Club’ T-Shirt would be the first look that we would throw down the runway. We were very pleased with our decision to do so, as the response to the runway look was fantastic.
With regards to collaborating specifically with Jana Hamman [the illustrator], we’ve been very close friends for a few years now, and since I was familiar with her artistic style and inspiration, I felt that she was the perfect person to work with in order to realize the vision that I had for this capsule. 
AFF: What was the creative thought process around the shoot?  
Daniel: The idea behind the shoot was to convey the emotional lows associated with a broken heart with as much dark humor as possible. 
Kimberley Davidson’s on-camera persona was just about perfect to realize this vision.
Once Jana and I had decided on the images we wanted to capture for the shoot, the creative torch was then passed onto Carl David Jones, whose role in bringing the shoot to life was as important as anyone involved. Carl did a full recce on site at 5am a couple days before the shoot in order to assess the daylight in the area where we shot. The lighting in the images was particularly striking in my opinion, and that was all Carl. He was fantastic to work with, and his 5 years of experience as a street cultural photographer in South Korea proved to be invaluable in all aspects of the shoot. 
AFF: Any fun stories/anecdotes from shoot day? 
Daniel: The shoot was pulled together at the very last minute, and it was truly fascinating that all 5 people involved in the shoot managed to meet at the 5am call time on a Saturday morning.
Since Carl had noted that the burned orange colour of the sunlight only lasted approximately 45 minutes, that was all the time that we had to shoot, and so it was quite an adrenalin rush for all involved as we had to beat the earth’s rotation around the sun and get all our images shot within that time frame!
It was a completely collaborative effort, and I’m really proud to have worked with such a great team. 
AFF: There are a million ways to style a white tee. What’s your favorite? 
Daniel: My personal preference is to just put the T-Shirt on and let the cotton do its thing. I don’t worry about styling it in anyway whatsoever. I do however prefer a baggier fit, and so I usually wear an XX-Large. 
AFF: When will this collection be available when where?  
Daniel: The collection is exclusively available from the Good Good Good online store
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