And she has kitties and and doggies tattooed on her arm.

Singer/Songwriter Sia is famous for her incognito look, her face covered by a relaxed Cruella de Vil black-and-white do (below left). So people got quite excited when she strolled through the airport in Kenzo sweats and a fresh face for all to see. Suddenly a series of photos began to crop up from past events where she’d also appeared unmasked, bleach blonde, and sporting a bold red lip. 
Look beyond the face, and you’ll notice the dog and cat doodle tattoos on her left arm - as unusual yet relatable as her music. Now we ask ourselves, if Sia is ready to show her face to the world, could this mean a music video and live performances where we can see her mouth belt out those long raspy notes? We’re ready. 
Images / JustJared