Emmy Kasbit AW17 Campaign + Exclusive interview.

The Emmy Kasbit show at Lexus SAMW AW17 grabbed our attention with its monotone, meticulously tailored suits and martini prints. Before jetting back to Nigeria, Creative Director Okoro Emmanuel shot the collection campaign with photographer Alexander Oelofse in the wake of a Table Mountain fire. We’ve got the shoot, and the story behind the images from Emmanuel. 
AFF: Tell us about the inspiration for the collection. 
Okoro: The collection generally was inspired by the life of the sub-Saharan nomads and their day to day activities... it explores the story of men on a journey to liberation from life's setbacks. The collection also features a new sense of elegance to menswear with the use of wool, corduroy and jacquard prints, all put together to produce vintage/sporty silhouettes for the everyday nomadic man. 
AFF:  How did you choose the location for the campaign?
Okoro: Choosing the location was a easy for me as the photographer was based in Cape Town. After we met and I explained the theme and showed him the mood board, he took me to Vredhoek, then up the part of table mountain to a part that got burnt recently. I knew there and then that that was the location. It sort of connected to my mood board. The burnt background makes it look so vintage... 
AFF: What is it about Cape Town that attracts you to show your collection and shoot your campaign? 
Okoro: Actually, this is the first time I shot a collection in Cape Town. I have always been drawn to the beauty of the scenery. And also, after fashion week, I found myself in the midst of creatives (photographer Alexander Oelofse and the models and stylists) who worked with me on this campaign and sealed the deal. 
AFF: What kind of man are you dressing this season? 
Okoro: For this season, Emmykasbit will be dressing men who are not afraid to take fashion risks. men who are bold and adventurous in style.
AFF: Are there any fun stories or strange things that happened on the shoot? 
Okoro: Shooting on the mountain, initially I thought would be fun, until I experienced the wind. URGHH!!! At a point in tripped and fell (LMAO). Well, it’s all for a good cause.