What do Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Bradshaw, Kate Moss, Marc Jabos and Winona Ryder have in common? 

It all started when Sarah Jessica Parker posted a video on her Instagram: an alternate title sequence to Sex and the City. “A really nice memory,“ she captioned. The video was similar to the one you’ve seen a million times, except there’s no splash at the end, and she’s wearing a much more modest powder blue shift with a (questionable, though it was the 90s) patent clutch. 
Nice. But it didn’t stop there. Marc Jacobs piped up next, claiming ‘the lost SATC dress’ as one from his Spring 1998 collection. Proof was a video of Kate Moss wearing it on the runway, and Winona Ryder rocking it at a party shortly after. 
What does it all mean? Perhaps nothing, but we do have a theory. This dress (now that it’s had its 15 seconds of social media fame) could end up in Sex and the City 3. The latest reports state that all four lead actresses have read and approved a script for a third film, and that they may begin shooting this year. You may remember the iconic title sequence tutu popping up in the first film when Carrie packs away her apartment to move in with Big. Could it be that the lost Marc Jacobs dress might show up in SATC3? Carrie of all people would know how to style this appropriately as a timely 90s throwback. We’re willing to bet there will be Manolos involved.
Images / VOGUE / Instagram