Meet the Cape Town model who’s walked for Louis Vuitton and Chanel + Find out what she carries in her bag when working Paris Fashion Week. 

Meet Alexandra Binaris, the Boss model from Cape Town who got the stamp of approval from Karl Lagerfeld and Nicolas Ghesquiere. She’s just jetted down to CT after walking for Chanel at the brand’s Fall 2017 show. Naturally, we’ve been in touch to get deets…
From left: Alexandra in an AMICA editorial, walking for Chanel Fall 2017 RTW, and Spring 2017 Haute Couture. 
AFF: Tell us a little bit about the vibe at Chanel Fall 2017 - is the rocket ship as amazing in person? 
Alexandra: Walking this past Chanel show was truly spectacular and indescribable! I was mesmerized by the rocket ship, and so was the audience - it was the first show I had ever walked where it received a standing ovation! 
AFF: What’s the most exciting thing about working in Paris? 
Alexandra: I have just fallen in love with Paris - the people, food, energy, culture, fashion, history! The list goes on and on so choosing one particular element would be too difficult! 
AFF: What’s the biggest challenge walking in a runway show like Luis Vuitton or Chanel. 
Alexandra: I would say actually getting the show - haha! These shows are extremely competitive to get, but once you do it's just so much fun and always such an incredible experience! 
AFF: Having walked in Chanel’s Ready to Wear and Haute Couture shows, would you say there’s a distinct difference between the two categories? 
Alexandra: Yes - Chanel Haute Couture is more classic, "lady-like,” and you are told to walk more slow and still. The ready to wear, however, is more upbeat and strong, although still capturing Chanel's distinctive feminine energy. 
AFF: What are your three must-carry-at-all-times fashion week survival items? 
Alexandra: My portable cellphone charger became my best friend because I was always on my phone speaking to my agents, and we all know how unreliable iPhone batteries are! During fashion week I would walk on average 15-20km a day (until I became lazy and booked drivers for the day haha), so I carry my high heels in my bag, because nobody has time for that! Lastly, tons of snacks and water because sometimes I was always to on the go and didn’t have time to sit and enjoy a meal. 
AFF: What’s cool about South Africa? 
Alexandra: What I have learnt to appreciate the most about South Africa is the people here and that unique, warm, and vibrant energy we posses!
From left: a recent Net A Porter campaign, and on the runway at Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 and Prabal Gurung Fall 2017.
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Images / Provided / VOGUE Runway