"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking!" - Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada

I remember this as being my favourite line of the movie, the way the editor of “Mood” quickly dismissed one of her interns for suggesting florals for the Spring campaign. While I agree that the notions of Spring being the season in which everything has to have a hint of floral, I think that this can be achieved in an inventive and opulent way. It took a rainy day and a conversation with my florist friend Fennec, owner of Fox and Co. to help me realise that there is a world of beauty within the floral industry and how it is so simple to incorporate a touch of nature into your space without it being too retro and maintaining a level of chic.

"I love them all", she says when referring to her favourite flowers. Born in New Zealand to a French mother and South African father, Fennec's aesthetic has been contoured by her global perspective, and after starting her company Fox and Co. three years ago, Fennec has never had a colourless moment. Her favourite flowers being the natural Banksias (which I am holding in the photographs), she has an eye for bold and bright things. Fennec has a strikingly quirky approach to life and her style even when it comes to something some would say as "simple" as flowers. The owner of Fox and Co. has a love affair with flowers that others might consider to be weird and tacky, finding beauty and place for the strange yet wonderful in her home and at work.
Drawing on inspiration from old African royalty captured in the images of artists such as Atong Atem and Frida Kahlo, we decided on a modern play on the “clashing” of prints to bring something we hope transcends the seasons beyond

Concept and styling: Palesa Kgasane
Design and floral arrangements: Fennec Deucher 

Palesa Kgasane is the creative behind the Fleur blog. She is a writer, musician and photographer who enjoys playing with colour and artistic ways conceptualize fashion.