What’s in a pair of sunglasses anyway? Well, for most of us we wear them because we need protection from the sunlight. However, sunglasses as you may know are a major way to accessorize and a way to turn a simple outfit into a next level fashion statement. I got together with eyewear guru Pedro ofNew York Eyewear in Cape Town to select the best shapes for the Spring / Summer season. I obviously had to bear in mind my own aesthetic but I kept it minimal and easy proving that eyewear doesn’t have to be daunting or extravagant but something you can add to your wardrobe.

Pedro of New Yorker Apparel started his business in 2007 and described his niche as being “hipster cult classic” which gives this range of Polarized eyewear that edge and sun protection that one would not necessarily  find at your local retail store. The glasses are hand crafted and personalized to give the customer a hand in choosing the perfect combination of shape, colour and customization.

This is I-wear, it really is about how you wear them to suit you.


Photos : Alexander Oelofse & Temujin Johnson
MUA/HAIR: Hunter Rose
Stylist: Palesa Kgasane
Sungasses provided by Pedro at New York Apparel, The Polarised Eyewear Company.