I was walking through town looking for some inspiration and stumbled upon a beauty. A minimalist space juxtaposed by the grime and grunge of Harrington street. Naturally, I wondered why I had never seen this place before – it has the makings of a perfect show space; white walls, a white floor and an equally white ceiling. Adorned with art and graffiti, this space gave me a flood of ideas; I am not a minimalist but I like the idea of minimalism because it allows for the art/furniture/clothing to tell the story. Knobs and Tassels is going to be the next punky chill-out spot. I’m convinced

Interested as to how it came about I spoke to the founder : Ray, who epitomized the space in his denim and t-shirt, with a man bun and a beard of course. The space was opened only three months ago and currently houses local artist’s whose work was about to be disposed of(yes) disposed of! The collective of three partners hope to create a space where merchandise and art can be exchanged amongst creatives and the public. Knobs and Tassels was started two years ago as a merchandiser however, since making the move to Gardens, the artists hope to take the “art” more seriously by exhibiting it on a platform which allows for collaboration and conversation.

“We bring artists' expression to the public eye through our Knobs & Tassels art gallery, Swords to Plowshares clothing, Wolf&Cabbage catering (Sushi) & more” 


I walked around the space and absorbed it in all its simplicity which inspired me to do a look post of sorts which complements the space with minimal effort and maximum effect.(I hope)

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