Fashion Week
Even if we could only choose three show tickets for this year’s South African Menswear Week, we wouldn’t have missed this one for the world. You could just take a swift glance at Orange Culture’s offering, and it would still make all the sense that the Designer’s Twitter bio reads: ’A boy With A Colourful Disposition.’
Adebayo Oke-Lawal describes his brand, Orange Culture, as more of a movement than a line of clothing. He certainly has a clear vision of creating for the art-loving traveling man who is elaborate in his expression, that is evident in most of his collections that we’ve seen. In this Autumn/ Winter 2016 range there is a fusion of Western lines and African nuances that you see through tribal prints, rich hues and references to traditional Nigerian dress. We also noticed a few slogan sweaters with the words ‘HEAR ME’ or ’SEE ME’ written across the chest, and we have no further doubt that the Orange Culture man is sure of himself and commands attention.
The Look: The African Nomad.
The Key Piece: The crocheted sweater.
Textiles Noticed: Crocheted knits, velvet and well, cotton?
Accessories Game: Rope neckpieces from Orange Culture x Neon Zinn collection, crocheted anklets and cuffs, small sling (suede?) bags and an envelope clutch from Orange Culture x Nodrog Street collection.
AFF Favourite Thing: Orange athleisure two-piece.
Images/ SDR Photos